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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Website Loading Speed. Optimize your website to remove all unnecessary CSS, JavaScript & Graphics so that it can load fast on any type of network.
  • Backlinks to relevant websites. Relevant link building will bring relevant users to your website & ultimately it will increase your web traffic.
  • Use proper keywords. Proper use of keywords relevant to your content will rank your page. But you should know where to use that keywords and how many time each keyword should appear on your page.
  • Delete zombie pages. search engines will recommend to use one strong page rather than creating many smaller pages. In fact deleting pages which are not bringing traffic to your website will increase rank of your website.
  • Add text to Digital Media. Its true that one picture is better than hundred of words. But unfortunately search engines can’t properly read graphics. So adding text to infographics, podcasts & video will establish the understating of search engines.
  • Updating existing pages. Adding new pages is common practice in most of the websites. But to improve understanding of search engines its recommended to update the content of old pages.

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