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Proximity Card Print


This is GUI (Graphics User Interface) based application compatible for Microsoft Windows Operating System. This application is developed to provide a simple interface for designing & later printing proximity cards.

A proximity card is contactless smart card which can be read without inserting into reader.

Main Components:

This application has three major components

  • Employees Component

  • Card Design Component

  • Card Printing Component

Employee Component

In this component we will store employee details that later we will use to print card. This information can be updated at any time.

Card Design Component

Each card design has two main parts, Graphics & Text. This component will allow us to upload graphics from our storage location. This graphics later will be used as a background of the card. The text details will come from the Employee Component.

We can add foreground graphics like employee images/pictures by using this component.

This component will also allow us to add linear barcodes & QR Barcodes.

Card Print Component

In this component we will show all published design what we created in Card Design Component & one can select any design from the list. This will show the final front and back side of each card design on the screen and allow us to print it. We can either print the front card design, back card design or both sides of card design.

Additional Features


This application provides you full security of your content either save in graphics or text form.One need valid user name and password to access this application. Administrator can define the role of each registered user in this application which mean that user can only access that component in this application after successfully login. All graphics files used in this application will be saved on the disc in Encrypted format.

Database BackUp & Restoration

This application give you option to make a backup of employee data. In case of any database failure one can restore from the backup location.

Card Design Templates

Card Design (Company Name & Logo)

  • Company Name as header text
  • Company Logo
  • Employee Details (Email,Phone Number, Employee Name & Website Address

Card Design (Company Name, Logo & Barcode)

  • Company Name as header text
  • Company Logo
  • Employee Code as One Dimensional Barcode
  • Employee Details (Email,Phone Number, Employee Name & Website Address