AutoBCC for Microsoft Outlook


AutoBCC is a Microsoft Outlook PlugIn. This plugIn can be used to send a copy of each sent email to a list of CC/BCC Emails automatically. This list can be updated by using GUI provided with this PlugIn.

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AutoBCC for Microsoft Outlook AddIn:

It can be used to send emails automatically to stored CC/BCC email addresses.
How to Use It:
1. Open MS-Outlook. Click Add-Ins tab. Click AUTO BCC button.
2. Following screen will be opened.


3. Enter Email Address (CC) click Add (CC) button to Add Email address as Carbon Copy Email Address.
4. To Remove CC Email select email address and click Remove (CC) Button.


5. Enter Email address in BCC and click Add BCC button to Add Email as Blind Carbon Copy Email Address.
6. To Remove BCC Email Select email address and Click Remove (BCC) Button.
From now all outgoing email Recipients will be updated with the Carbon Copy Emails and Blind Carbon Copy Email addresses.
For Help Click the Arrow key.



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