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Different types of Computer Science Students

  1. The Hacker Boi. This guy is always doing sketchy things with his computer. While the rest of the class is trying to run Java or download Eclipse, he’s in the corner chuckling evilly to himself as he logs himself in as the administrator.
    1. The I-Need-A-Job Guy. This guy saw that Google AI Engineer salary and he’s ready to get that bread. He doesn’t know a thing about computers yet but he’s going to pass this class and get that job anyway.job_guy
  2. The MIT Guy. This guy should have gone to MIT. What he’s doing in CSC-101, you have no idea. He finishes the assignment in fifteen minutes and spends the rest of the time programming a neural network in Assembly. He’s the reason people drop out of CS: they look at him and just wonder… why.
  3. The CS-Is-The-Future Bro: This guy sees it. The future is coming. A wave of AI and XR and SpaceX and Elon Musk and other two-letter acronyms is going to sweep us all away and when we open our eyes, the world will be a tech utopia. Elon
  4. The Default Skin: This person doesn’t know what they’re interested in yet, so they’ve picked computer science. You won’t remember their name but you’ll sure as heck remember that they were watching Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” on YouTube during the final exam (true story, oh god).

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