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Corona Recovered Warriors

Even today, as the coronavirus spreads across the country, many people are trying their best to invest their time and resources to not just protect their families but to also find ways to help their fellow countrymen.
One such effort is a Facebook group called Corona Recovered Warriors. An initiative taken by LUMS graduate Zoraiz Riaz, the group connects individuals who have recovered from COVID-19, and are willing to donate their plasma, with patients who need it to fight the disease.

The Corona Recovered Warriors group had 100,000 members within its first week and currently have 340,000 thousand members and has now connected thousands patients with matching plasma donors.
It is usually during times of crisis that one often finds everyday heroes taking it upon themselves to provide relief to those suffering and in need of help. The pandemic is affecting many people around the country, and it is in this time of fear and worry that Zoraiz, his team of volunteers, and the donors themselves are a group of heroes, providing a ray of hope.

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