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Data Protection on Smart Phones

We spend a lot of time messaging, talking and browsing the Internet on our Smartphone, which usually means Smartphone contain our personal information. With talk of security issues with smart phones gaining pace, there’s never been a better time to build consciousness of the ways you may be putting your information at danger. Present day […]

Data Protection in digital world

The phrase ‘six degrees of separation,’ suggests that only a minuscule measurement is what divides one person from another. Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) has decreased those degrees dramatically, connecting us not only to each other, but to everything from our fitness trackers to our coffee makers.Consider this: according to a recent report by […]

How can you recover your PayPal account without the security questions?

The process of the recovery account hardly takes a few minutes if done correctly. The PayPal account recovery can be understood by calling customer support also. They are available for the clients and devote themselves to cater to their needs. The first step is to open the PayPal account and go to the Log in […]