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Angular Datatables with options (filter, sorting and paging)

Angular datatable is most popular in web development. It will provide many additional options like paging (Client side / Server Side), Column filtering and Sorting.

To create angular datatable first create angular project (Angular Cli 7+). You should have Node 8.9+ & NPM 6 installed with your angular project.

NPM Packages required for angular datatable are

  • npm install jquery –save
  • npm install datatables.net –save
  • npm install datatables.net-dt –save
  • npm install angular-datatables –save
  • npm install @types/jquery –save-dev
  • npm install @types/datatables.net –save-dev

Update Angular json file

Update Module file and add datatable module

Update component file and add data to be displayed in the datatable

Finally update app component html file to show the datatable.

The result will look like as below.

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